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management structure & services.

The TMO currently employs three members of staff, the Estate Manager and the estate cleaner.  A contractor is responsible for responsive repairs and void works.

Our responsibilities under the management agreement with the Council are set out in detail in Appendix 2 but essentially are as follows:


Our Organisation


  • Ensuring effective governance of the TMO including increasing membership, board membership and sustainability, accountability, and an effective split between governing and operational activities;

  • Consulting and involving residents through meetings, surveys, newsletters, and events to ensure that the services we provide meet their needs;

  • Managing the TMO’s finances effectively and reporting to our membership, Companies House, and Westminster City Council in accordance with the Management Agreement;

  • Providing an estate based office;

  • Maintaining an efficient, effective, motivated staff and contractor team;

  • Effective management of contractors and ongoing assessment of value for money;

  • Providing monitoring reports to Westminster City Council as required;

  • Ensuring regular satisfaction surveys are carried out and results analysed, reported back to residents and acted upon;

  • Producing an Annual Report to all residents on our performance across all areas;

  • Working with other agencies and community groups to identify and address the needs of our community. 


Our Services


  • Managing responsive repairs and maintenance, including heating and hot water repairs up to £5,000 per repair;

  • Out of hours emergency service;

  • Pest control;

  • Older people discretionary decorations;

  • Providing a cleaning service;

  • Maintaining the garden and grounds;

  • Maintenance of door entry and CCTV systems;

  • Maintenance of the automatic barrier system;

  • Managing and preparing void properties for re-letting up to £5,000 (not including decent homes works);

  • Identifying the need for major works and lobbying Westminster City Council to programme these works;

  • Dealing with tenancy management issues including investigation into complaints of anti-social behaviour, unlawful occupancies, breach of tenancy or lease agreement, residents disputes, and referring the matter to Westminster City Council for further action when appropriate;

  • Carrying out tenancy checks;

  • Processing mutual exchanges;

  • Letting empty properties in accordance with the Council’s Allocation Scheme;

  • Providing an initial meeting with the TMO Manager for all new tenants regarding tenancy rights and responsibilities and TMO membership and participation;

  • Processing parking permits.


The Council retains responsibility for:


  • Enforcement action for anti-social behaviour, unlawful occupancies, breach of tenancy or lease agreement, including legal action where necessary;

  • Rent collection and arrears control;

  • Setting rent levels;

  • Leaseholder’s service charge billing, collection, and arrears control.

  • Maintaining the structure of the buildings;

  • All repairs over £5,000;

  • Lift maintenance;

  • Programming, commissioning, and undertaking major works, including Decent Homes works;

  • Refuse collection;

  • Tree maintenance.

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