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tenant management organisation.

Hide Tower RMB is one of eleven Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs) in Westminster, and one of more than two hundred TMOs across the country.  

The TMO was established in January 2000 under the Right to Manage Regulations following an intensive training and development programme and a successful ballot of all residents. 
Its stated aims were to improve services and to foster a sense of community and well-being amongst our residents. It is a not for profit limited company and all residents are entitled to become members of the Residents Association for a lifetime  subscription of twenty pence, which then entitles them to participate in the decision making process, as well as to stand for election to the Resident Management Board (TMO).  
However, the TMO that delivers services to all of the residents of Hide Tower whether they are members or not.  


Currently the Residents Association has 94 members representing just under 60% of households. 

Hide Tower RMB is managed by a Management Board which may consist of up to 12 members. Members are elected at the Annual General Meeting, and the board elects or appoints its officers: chair, secretary, and treasurer.   
There are currently 10 board members.


Hide Tower RMB entered into a management agreement with Westminster Council, which forms a legally binding contract. It sets out our responsibilities and those of the Council.  Westminster Council had delegated most of its housing services, including monitoring and supporting TMOs to its Arms Length Management Organisation, CityWest Homes, prior to bringing the operations back in-house in 2019.  
We receive an allowance from Westminster City Council, enabling us to provide the services delegated to us, which is based upon the amount it would cost for Westminster City Council to provide the same services. 




Since going live, the TMO has made several improvements largely funded from our surplus (efficiency savings). 

These are some of our achievements:


  • We effectively campaigned to secure window replacement with double-glazed aluminium windows, which so many residents wanted

  • We upgraded the CCTV security system

  • We fitted new flooring to the main stairwell

  • We provided a bicycle stand.

  • We revamped the central flower bed in the garden

  • We redecorated the external areas on the ground floor

  • We subsidise community activities such as coach trips and summer parties

  • Provide a voice to promote the needs of the residents of Hide Tower when dealing with Westminster City Council

Our Core Values

Personal service
Delivering a personal service that responds quickly to local needs while encouraging personal responsibility

Openness and Transparency
Being open and transparent in all our activities and maintaining the highest integrity.


Putting the community at the heart of our decision making 


Community spirit
Fostering a sense of community spirit, caring for and helping our neighbours


Delivering excellent, efficient  services and striving for continuous improvement

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