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the area.

Depending on where you're situated in Hide Tower, you can see the Houses of Parliament, the top - and back - of the Tate Britain, the River Thames, MI6, Battersea Power Station, St George's Wharf Tower, the American Embassy, the London Eye, Vincent Square, and the Ottoman spire of Westminster Cathedral. 

Hide Tower is bordered by Regency Street, Vincent Street, Chapter Street, and Hide Place, and can be accessed from all four streets, although the main entrance to the block faces Regency Street. It's across the road from the famous Regency Cafe, which features in many films and tourist guides.  

Pimlico station is roughly about five minutes away on foot.

Victoria Station and St James Park station are approximately fifteen minutes away on foot.

And the Tate Britain and the River Thames are roughly a five minute walk from the block.

See the map below.

Pimlico is well served by buses too, which can picked up on Vauxhall Bridge Road, Pimlico station, Victoria Station, Victoria Street, Marsham Street, Millbank, and Horseferry Road, taking you almost anywhere you need to get to in London if you're not pushed for time, and would rather see historic London unfold before your eyes without having to pay for a tour bus. 

Although Pimlico is located right on the doorstep of British Government, it's primarily a residential area. 

Just like Belgravia, to which it was built as a southern extension, Pimlico is known for its wide streets, grand garden squares, and impressive Regency architecture. 

At Pimlico’s heart is a highly disciplined grid of residential streets – known as Pimlico Grid – designed by the architect Thomas Cubitt in the 1820s and now protected as the “Pimlico Conservation Area”. You can read more about the history of Pimlico here

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