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Attention All Residents - May 2020

A few reminders to help safeguard all residents during the summer months:

Balconies and windows

In summer, there are more windows open, so it is extremely risky to have items on your window sills that could topple and fall. We would therefore ask all residents to be extra careful in this.

If you have plant pots on balcony walls, they should be secured down or removed.

Also, be extra vigilant over your children, or any visitors you have, as we need to ensure the safety of all.

Due to FIRE SAEFTY, you are not allowed to barbecue on your balconies, or in the communal garden. Barbecuing on balconies is dangerous, as the space is confined and causes a lot of smoke.


Always condense any rubbish as much as possible by folding any boxes or packaging, and take them to the recycling bins in Hide Place.

Use the chutes for small bags only.

Please remember that there are two big bins downstairs, so if one is full, use the other one.

Do not leave rubbish bags on the floor by the bins. Not only is this unsightly, it will attract vermin.


Noise problems have escalated during the lockdown, and more people are being disturbed by banging sounds late at night. Some residents believe the noise to be from exercise equipment, running machines, or weights being dropped heavily.

Noise does travel around the building, so we ask that all residents are considerate to their neighbours and think before carrying out any noisy activity, especially after 7pm, and absolutely not after 10pm.

Bike Rack

The major works to improve the ventilation and fire safety within the block will be starting within a few months, and the company carrying out the works, United Living, will be setting up site on the garden side of the building, where the bike racks are currently located. The bike racks will therefore be removed to allow space for this.

If you have a bike chained to the bike racks, please remove it by no later than Wednesday, June 10th.

Any bikes left attached to the bike racks after this date will be removed and placed into bulk refuse to be taken away by Westminster Council.

Hide Tower Resident Management Board thanks all residents for their co-operation in these matters.


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