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Hide Tower December 2021 Winter Newsletter

Management Committee

As you may be aware from previous communication, due to the current manager, Pauline Addison, retiring, as well as six long-term committee members standing down next year, this is going to affect the continuation of the RMB and as a result, how the block will be managed. The RMB is dependent on residents volunteering their time for the good of Hide Tower community.

While we were very pleased to receive five new members who were elected to the board at the AGM, all of them are leaseholders, and this is leaving the board under-represented with regard to the engagement and participation of Hide Tower tenants.

We now find ourselves in the position of where we need to reach out to tenants to get involved.

This is a pressing matter as we are working to a deadline of March 22.

We will be communicating more on this in January, and if we cannot get any tenants to join, we will be holding a general meeting at the end of January to lay out the options open to us if the RMB were to shut down.

Major Works

As you will have gathered, there has not been much happening in the block with regards to the fire safety work. However, behind the scenes the committee have been involved in discussions with Westminster Council and United Living with regards to the outstanding work of the ventilation and replacement of communal fire doors. It is our aim to get the best standard we can for the block, and to a hold them accountable for any defects or damage they cause.

With regards to the flat doors, there are still 26 outstanding to be fitted, and we have been informed that we will be getting a date from United Living on when they are expected to resume this work.

The committee have also been informed that Westminster Council are proposing further fire safety works to the cladding and wooden panels on the balcony.

WCC will be communicating with residents on this in the new year and arranging a resident meeting in late January so that you can raise any questions you may have regarding these works.

As this new proposed work will affect your balcony, we would like to remind you of the guidance for the safe use of balconies:

· Keep the balcony clear and clean of any trip hazards or slippages

· Do not cover the original flooring with a non-slip covering

· Do not store items on the balcony that can be used to climb on

· Do not leave plant pots or other items on the balcony ledges that can fall onto passers-by below

· Do not leave children unsupervised on the balcony

· Do not hang washing on the balcony as it looks unsightly it should be kept at low level

Improvements to the block

Just to update you that our plan to use money from the surplus fund to decorate the landings and replace the ceiling tiles will hopefully go ahead when all the fire safety work has been completed.

A few reminders for all residents

Noise Nuisance

We would like to remind residents to show consideration towards your neighbours during the holiday time. Please ensure to close your door quietly and do not let it slam shut.

If you are disturbed by noise over Christmas or at any time, please do ring the City Council’s 24-hour Noise Team on 020 7641 2000.

Reporting Repairs…

If you have an emergency repair over Christmas, you should contact Westminster Emergency Services on 0207 286 7412.

Emergency repairs include:

  • Total loss of lighting

  • Serious leaks or water penetration

  • Blocked toilets or stack pipes

  • Total loss of water supply or a leaking pipe

  • Total loss of heating & hot water

If you call out the emergency services and it is found that the repair is not an emergency, you could be recharged for the call out.

This includes locking yourself out of the property.

Rubbish Disposal & Recycling

Please condense your rubbish as much as you can by folding all boxes or packaging.

You should recycle these and other recycling materials in the recycling bins in Hide Place. Recycling bags are available in the Hide Tower office.

Do not put large items in the chute as it will cause a blockage.

Do not leave bags of rubbish outside of your flat door.

Also, remember that there are two bins downstairs, so if one is full, then please use the other.

Main Entrance Door

In Hide Tower we have numerous people coming and going, and as such, the reader on the door has now reached a million users over the 3-year period since its installation. As you know, the door can be problematic when it is misused so, please ensure that the main door is not kept open for any reason, as it will disturb the automatic door closer. Please make sure that your visitors, contractors, delivery people or carers are aware of this.

We would like to say a big happy birthday to Miss Win Long who will be celebrating her 100th birthday on New Years Eve. Congratulations Win on this milestone birthday and we wish you many more to come.

Christmas Opening Hours

The office will be closed from Thursday 23rd December until Tuesday 4th January 2022.

If you have an emergency repair over this period, call Westminster Emergency Services on

020 7286 7412.

The Management Board would like to wish all residents a safe and peaceful Christmas and New Year.


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