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Hide Tower December 2022 Winter Newsletter

RMB Matters - Management Committee

Hide Tower Resident Management Board is pleased to announce that following the AGM on the 30th November, a new Chair has been appointed.

During the AGM five committee members stepped down, with two standing again for re-election. These two were re-elected.

We would like to thank the previous Chair, along with the members that stood down, for all their contributions and hard work.

TMO/ Office Manager

A new manager has been appointed following Pauline Addison’s retirement. Her name is Coral Gerald, and she is available in the office on the ground floor Monday to Friday, from 9.30am to 1.30pm, and can be contacted via email on

Residents Association

The Residents Association will be hosting their AGM in January, date to be confirmed. It will be be held over a coffee morning, so keep your eyes on the noticeboards/ website

Major Works Update

As you are aware, there are major works being carried out in the block, which are:

· New UPVC flat doors

· New ventilation system

The new exit door to the North stairs has been installed.

United Living is the contractor appointed to complete the works.

So far 50% of the UPVC doors have been completed and the installations of the vents have also started.

Please respond to any correspondences from United Living to ensure you get your new flat door and vents fitted, as the completion date for these repairs are the end of February 2023. The more residents that have the vents fitted the better the ventilation system will function.

The second phase of the Major Works programme, including the renewal of the corridor doors and the balcony cladding, has been postponed until 2024, due to waiting for the new Health and Safety Executive requirements for the Fire Protection Act in 2024.


A thorough cleaning of the stack pipes has been started by Flow 3 on behalf of Westminster City Council to clear and maintain our drainage systems.

We would remind you to be careful and mindful of what you are putting down your kitchen sink. For example, you should not pour oil down the sink, as this is a major cause of buildup in the pipes, which then restricts the flow of wastewater from the kitchen sink causing slow drainage or back-up into your sinks.

Another cause of build-up in the stacks is washing powder. It would be beneficial to the building if residents would stop using washing powder and replace it with washing liquid.

General Reminders

*Keep the balcony clear and clean of any trip hazards or slippages.

*Do not cover the original flooring with a non-slip covering.

*Do not store items on the balcony that can be used to climb on.

*Do not leave plant pots or other items on the balcony ledges that can fall onto passers-by below.

*Do not leave children unsupervised on the balcony.

*Do not hang washing on the balcony as it looks unsightly it should be kept at low level.

*Dogs are also not allowed in the garden.

Refuse disposal and Recycling

Please remember that it is your responsibility to deposit your rubbish into either the rubbish chutes or the bins at the front of the building. Remember, that there are two bins downstairs, so if one is full, then please use the other.

You should not leave bags of rubbish on the landings, chute room floors or at the front of the building. This is not only unsightly, it encourages vermin to get into the bags and spread out the contents on the floor.

We have our own recycling & food bins, which are located on the North side of the block.

Please condense your boxes and packages by folding them as small as possible. Recycling bags are also available in the office.

Do not put large items in the chute as it will cause a blockage.

Do not leave bags of rubbish outside of your flat door.

Reporting Repairs

If you have an emergency repair over Christmas, you should contact Westminster Emergency Services on 0207 286 7412.

Emergency repairs include:

· Total loss of lighting

· Serious leaks or water penetration

· Blocked toilets or stack pipes

· Total loss of water supply or a leaking pipe

· Total loss of heating & hot water

If you call out the emergency services and it is found that the repair is not an emergency, you could be recharged for the call out.

This includes locking yourself out of the property.

Noise Nuisance

The City Council’s 24-hour noise team can use its powers to help you if you are bothered by noise such as loud music, parties, noisy neighbours or dogs, DIY works, or prolonged ringing of burglar or car alarms. Two steps to tackling noise problems:

1. If you feel that your own safety will not put you at risk, you should try to raise the problem with whoever is responsible for the noise and attempt to sort it out reasonably. Approach the person politely to try to resolve the problem.

2. If this approach fails or you feel it is not wise or practical call the 24-Hour Noise Team on: 0207641 2000 who will try to respond within 45 minutes.

Christmas Opening Hours

The Management Board would like to wish all residents a safe and peaceful Christmas and New Year!


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