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Hide Tower Residents Association Secures Bike Hangars

Hide Tower Residents Association are delighted to inform you that we have been offered three new bike hangars as a gift from United Living!

You’ll no doubt have seen them along the garden wall. There are two hangars for adults, and one for children, all of which hold six bikes each.

Once the portacabins have been removed, United Living have even agreed to place the hangars in the vacated space as a further gesture of goodwill.

The hangars are available on a first-come-first-served basis, so if you have a bike that you’d like to store in the hangars, please see Coral Gerald in the ground floor office.

Each space costs £20 for the key, and you’ll have to provide your own bike locks.

You’ll also need to sign a waiver, as we are not responsible if your bike has no lock and gets stolen.

If you lose your key, you will need to pay £20 for a new one, and if you break the lock on the hangar, you will need to pay for a replacement.

Yours sincerely,

Hide Tower Residents Association


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