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Hide Tower Spring 2021 Newsletter

Hide Tower Management Committee

As most residents are aware, Hide Tower has been managed by an elected Resident Management Board (RMB) since January 2000. As part of the management agreement we have with Westminster Council, the board is required to consult with residents every 5 years to ask if you want the RMB to continue managing the block.

We are now overdue for the ballot and will therefore be writing to all residents later in the spring and issuing ballot papers.

Residents should be aware that next year there will be some changes to the running of the building as Pauline Addison the manager of 20 years will be leaving in February. Also, some long-standing committee members are standing down. So, to continue for a further 5 years, we will be looking for new board members and directors, and to appoint a new estate manager.

If we do not receive any interest, then the RMB will fold, the office will close, and the management will be handed back to Westminster City Council.

The decision is in your hands.

Major works Fire Safety upgrade

We acknowledge residents in Hide Tower are having to endure heavy drilling throughout this current lockdown, and we are aware that this has caused many problems, particularly for those residents home schooling and working from home.

Whilst we brought the noise problem to the attention of Westminster, there was little that could be done as the work was programmed in for a specific timetable and could not be postponed.

The worst of the noise is now over, the works are progressing, with the electrics being almost complete, and the doors are being fitted until completion in May.

One problem that has been identified with the door installations is that the door entry cables in the flats are being damaged, and so we've have had to disconnect some cables from the system. We would therefore ask all residents who have had a new door fitted to test whether they can operate the main door from their flats. If not, please report this to Pauline in the office. Going forward we have asked United Living to test the door entry at the end of each installation.

Please also be aware that these doors are not self-locking, and residents will need to lock them from the outside of the flat, as well as the inside.

Improvements to the block

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, because the painting of the landings is not included in the major works the RMB are intending to use monies from the RA account to carry out this work, and to replace the ceiling tiles. The board will be consulting with all residents to ask if you agree with this proposal.

Housing management services

We would like to remind residents that Hide Tower Resident Management Board is responsible for providing the following services:

  • Day to day repairs

  • Cleaning

  • Letting void properties

  • Mutual exchanges

  • Management transfers

  • Parking

  • Noise Nuisance Complaints

  • General Enquiries

Due to covid restrictions, the office is not operating at normal opening times and will continue to run a remote service until lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

Springtime in the garden

The garden is coming into bloom and looking lovely.

As always, we thank Luis and other volunteers who take the time to look after the flower beds. During last year’s lockdown the garden became a sanctuary for residents, and hopefully residents will enjoy this green space again.

Just a few reminders when using the garden:

Dogs are not allowed into the garden.

Be mindful that noise does travel, so please keep noise down to a minimum.

Repair Surveys

When you have requested a repair to be carried out you will be asked to complete a questionnaire about the work. Please do complete these and return them to the ground floor office; they are essential in helping us to monitor our contractors and to ensure they are providing the best possible service and value for money.


If you are a smoker please do not throw your lighted cigarette from the balcony as this is potentially dangerous and could be responsible for causing a fire.

Please always use an ashtray.


If you are planning to carry out any noisy DIY work, please remember that this should only be carried out during the acceptable hours of 8am – 6pm, Monday to Friday, and 8am –1pm on Saturdays, but not at all on Sundays.

Staying safe on your balcony

Guidance for the safe use of private balconies:

  • Keep the balcony clear and clean of any trip hazards or slippage

  • Do not cover the original flooring with a nonslip covering

  • Do not store items on the balcony that can be used to climb on

  • Do not leave plant pots or other items on the balcony ledges that can fall onto passers-by below

  • Do not leave children unsupervised on the balcony

  • Do not hang washing on the balcony as it looks unsightly it should be kept at low level

A special birthday for Rose Fisher

We would like to congratulate Rose Fisher who celebrated her 100th birthday in February. Rose, along with her husband Jack, who will also turn a 100 later in the year, have lived in Hide Tower since 1964. We wish them all the very best for this special centenary year.

Hide Tower RMB wish all residents a Happy Easter

The office will be closed over the Easter Bank Holiday, April 2nd - 6th.

In the event of an emergency, please contact Westminster Emergency Services on 0207 286 7412


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