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Hide Tower Summer 2020 Newsletter

Re-opening the office and  following Covid 19 Precautions

We will be opening the office in August.

However in order to prevent the spread of disease, we will be minimising contact with residents and visitors.

Please follow these instructions:

Do not come to the office without an appointment.

Only make an appointment if necessary, e.g. to pick up keys, otherwise call or email your query as we can deal with most things remotely.

Do not enter the office if you have the following symptoms, whether or not related to Covid19:

  • Persistent cough or sneezing

  • High temperature

  • Loss of taste or smell

  • Chills

  •  Fatigue

  • Muscle Aches.

When you do enter the office, sanitise your hands before you come in.

Do not touch anything unless necessary, and keep at least a 1m+ distance from

anyone else.

Social Distancing in the lifts

We will soon have new official signage for social distancing in the lifts provided by Westminster Council.

The advice will be:

People from the same household can share the lift

If single persons from different households, then no more than ONE person may be in the lift at a time

No mixed households to share the lift 

In peak times this may cause a queue and we would advise you to be patient and respect your fellow neighbours. Please allow those with mobility issues to take any lifts first. 

And remember, sanitise as much as possible, and use face coverings. 

Hide Tower has a website

Inga Dahl, the chair of the RMB, has developed a website for Hide Tower residents and the wider public.

Please visit this link - for any news items, information regarding the management of the block, social events, vacant properties in Hide tower, etc.

This information is all on the website.

We also have a Twitter account, so please follow us! @HideTowerSW1

Date for your diary

AGM –  September, date to be confirmed

We will be looking into how we can hold  the AGM in a safe way, while still adhering to the social distancing rules.

We may have to limit the amount of people attending, however, we will put notices in the lift giving 21 days’ notice.

At this meeting you will hear reports on our activities and finances.

As usual, we will look to elect new members for the forthcoming year.

Currently residents of the BAME community are underrepresented - as are men. 

We would welcome anyone from these groups who are interested in coming onto the board to apply! 

If you are interested, we will arrange training for you.

You can apply to become a board member by asking for a nomination form at the Hide Tower office.

An update on board membership since the last AGM

We’ve lost 4 members of the RA/RMB, but we’ve had three new residents join, and have a total of 95 members.

Fire Brigade – Hoax Caller

A few weeks ago, we had a hoax caller who rang the fire brigade about a fire in Hide Tower. Thankfully, this was a hoax!

However, those residents who saw the fire brigade in attendance were very concerned for the safety of residents and the block. So, this is just to put your mind at rest that there was no fire in the building.

Reminders for Residents 

Refuse disposal and Recycling

Since lockdown began, we’re having bags of rubbish left on the floor at the front of the building near the bins on a daily basis.

This is not only unsightly, it shows no regard for your fellow residents, encourages vermin, such as rats and foxes, to get into the bags and spread out the contents on the floor. 

As you will appreciate, the cleaner has extra cleaning duties to keep the communal areas clean and sanitised, and has worked incredibly hard throughout lockdown to keep the building in a good and clean condition. 

We would therefore ask that you do your part and dispose of your rubbish in the bins provided. It’s not rocket science.

If you can’t reach the bin, ask someone to help you.

Small bags of rubbish to go in the chute, and larger bags to the bins downstairs.

Also, please use the recycling bins in Hide Place to dispose of all your clean bottles, jars, tins, paper, plastic bottles and pots and clothes. If you require recycling bags there are some available in the office.

Repair Surveys 

When you report a repair, you will receive a satisfaction survey. We would be grateful if you would complete these surveys after a repair and return them to the ground floor office. They are essential in helping us to monitor our contractors and to ensure that they are providing the best possible service and value for money.  


Please be careful with what you are putting down the drains.

For example, you should not pour oil down the drain, as this is a cause of build up in the pipes, which then restricts the flow of wastewater from the kitchen sink, causing slow drainage or back-up into your sinks.

Another cause of build-up in the stacks is washing powder. It would be beneficial to the building if residents would stop using washing powder and replace washing liquid capsules. 

Noise Nuisance

The City Council’s 24-hour noise team can use its powers to help you if you are bothered by noise, such as loud music, parties, noisy neighbours, dogs, DIY works, or prolonged ringing of burglar or car alarms.

Two steps to tackling noise problems:

1. If you feel that your own safety will not be put at risk, you should try to raise the problem with whoever is responsible for the noise and attempt to sort it out reasonably. Approach the person politely to try to resolve the problem.

2. If this approach fails, or you feel it is not wise or practical, call the 24-Hour Noise Team on: 0207 641 2000

They will try to respond within 45 minutes.

In the event that loud music is the issue, please don’t call the Police. ONLY the Noise Pollution team can effectively deal with the issue, as they have powers to confiscate equipment.

The Garden 

We hope you have been enjoying the garden during the lockdown and the nice weather we have been having.

We would like to thank Luis Lunar for volunteering in the garden, keeping the flower beds in good condition, and for re-planting the lobby area. 

Dog Owners - this is to remind you that dogs are not allowed in the garden.

Also, please ensure that you clean up if your dog fouls in the communal areas or lifts!


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